Treat your skin to a new season!

Microdermabrasion Eleni Papanicolaou Board Certified Esthetician Fall has already knocked at our doors. Time to prepare your skin for a new season and reverse some of the summer damage, caused by sun exposure, sea salt or pool chemicals. The skin in order to protect itself from the harmful UV rays, stimulates the production of melanin which results in uneven skin color and dark spots. The sun also depletes the skin supplies of collagen and elastin resulting in dehydration and fine lines. Have you ever imagined the surface of your skin to be compared to a“fish”? Well….. the same way we get rid the scales of a fish, the same way we need to help our skin get rid of the old, dry skin cells that

Nuts about.....NUTS!

NUTS ABOUT ….. NUTS! Eleni Papanicolaou Board Certified Esthetician Except for counting calories, we should mostly be concerned about food quality and nutritional value. Today we’ll talk about “NUTS” and “SEEDS” a healthy and filling snack. Any large, oily kernels found within a shell and used in food are commonly called nuts. In addition to be a healthy and tasty snack, nuts and seeds provide our body with extraordinary nutrients and heart health oils. Nuts are also an excellent source of protein. Your skin and hair will love them! List of the most commonly used nuts and seeds: Almonds Walnuts Pecans Pine nuts Hazelnuts Cashews Macadamia nuts Peanuts Pistachios An indicative nutritional va