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Eleni Papanicolaou

Board Certified Esthetician

Technology and cosmetic surgery have so much improved and developed nowadays, that made them available and accessible to a broader spectrum of the population.

The key to a successful and optimum result is to have realistic expectations of the final outcome, by making the right choices.

Take your time to read related articles and educate yourself about different ways of approaching your specific problem.

Avoid overdoing with fillers or excessive laser treatments which will result in a disproportionate result and a physique that does not look natural.

Choose your Doctor wisely, according to his/her experience and credentials, but since each case is different, every approach should be well thought from both sides. Don’t push your Doctor to unrealistic expectations. Instead, listen to his/her recommendations and suggestions.

Spend enough time to discuss with your Physician and determine which treatments and solutions would be more appropriate according to your age , physique, skin type and condition. Opt for a healthier looking “you” instead of a version that does not reflect your personality.

Explore alternative methods for skin tightening like:

  • Ultherapy, using Micro Focused Ultrasound, a non invasive method

  • Thermi RF using Radio Frequency, a non invasive method

  • Thermi Tight Subnormal Delivery of Energy in combination with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) drawn from your own blood and injected back into your skin, a micro-invasive method, using a catheter , and performed under local anesthesia

I strongly suggest to take some time and do your own research, watch videos on how the procedure is done, consider the side effects, the expected downtime, and look at before and after pictures before taking any decisions.

Preparing your skin before a cosmetic procedure is essential to get better results. Use topical containing:

  • Vitamin C, to boost collagen

  • Peptides, to reduce inflammation and boost collagen production

  • Copper Peptides and Neuropeptides are two of the most commonly used peptides to activate the skin's regenerative process

  • Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize and add volume to the skin. By properly hydrating the skin, you minimize wrinkles and improve elasticity

  • Exfoliate your skin on a regular basest get rid of old skin cells and promote new skin to come to surface. Exfoliation also promotes collagen formation

Last, but not least, if you decide to have something done, aim to make it look like you haven’t had anything done!

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