• Eleni Papanicolaou

Acceptance and Appreciation

I’m sure many have noticed that It has been a time of withdrawal from writing articles and updating my Blog on

This has been a time of reflection, research, re-evaluation and adjustment to life’s changes, adversities, and aspirations.

I always liked to share my experiences in the professional field, and pass on everything that I’ve learned to the younger generation, in the hope that I can become a sparkle of inspiration, help and a positive addition to their own learning experience and evolution.

This time around, I will not talk about the surface of the skin, but about what lays under, deep within. As much as it is important to treat our skin properly, to eat right and exercise, it is equally, and most of the time more important, to pay attention to our inner self.

Thoughts and feelings determine our inner world, which sooner or later, will reflect to the outer appearance. We need to genuinely and sincerely care about our inner world and channel our thoughts and feelings towards a positive and appreciative expression of love and gratitude, the same way we train our muscles in order to keep our body in shape.

Nobody said that life is always easy. Problems, challenges, ups and downs, struggles and losses, are part of life. What is of vital importance is “how” we face these challenges, and this will be determined by faith, perception, an open mind and an open heart.

We can spend hours applying a modern and sophisticated eye make up, but when we step back to admire the result of our talent and effort, if the expression of the eyes is hard, frightened or lifeless, no make-up will ever be able to make them look beautiful!

Our body language and facial expression cannot be seen by us, but they’re seen by everybody else. We can never apply any make-up or cover-up the energy we reflect, no matter how expensive the cosmetics, clothes or accessories we use.

Bitterness cannot be covered by a smile, judgement cannot be covered by an empty compliment. The heart needs to be detached, appreciative, pure, sincere and loving.

Not an easy task to accomplish, but definitely an attainable destination, worth the effort to reach, one step at a time, starting by accepting the fact that life is a constant changing process and by being appreciative for all we have, no matter the difficulties and setbacks.

It is up to us to set up a mindset that will slowly take us to better choices, starting by refusing to be a people’s “pleaser” against our will, and by alienating ourselves from negative and toxic people.

It is not realistic to believe that everyone will accept and embrace the same ideas and opinions with you. It is realistic though, to accept and respect diversity without guilt or negative feelings.

Accepting, does not mean adopting or embracing but simply understanding a different perception and move on by making your own choices and decisions that will generate a feeling of freedom, out of which the biggest winner is “you”! Free will and free choice are the most precious Blessings God has granted us, which we should always appreciate and preserve at all cost.

Sometimes, the only real enemy to this precious freedom is “us” and the way we think and act. We like to compare ourselves to other people, we lack of self worth, we criticize and reject whatever does not fit our standards, resulting in hostility, jealousy, bitterness and slowly to disease and premature aging.

Maybe it is time, instead of investing only on the latest fashion trends, to also invest in taking the time to take a deep look inside and be totally honest with ourselves. Every journey begins with the first step….

“Fear not”! Keep walking, keep learning and keep loving!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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