• Eleni Papanicolaou

Open your heart!

Emotional and spiritual balance are equally important to physical health. Connecting the two leaves an imprint on the face and body, what we describe as facial expression and body language.

Opening the heart to feelings like care, compassion, appreciation and gratitude can change not only our inner world but also our physical health and appearance.

People complain that we live in a world constantly changing, with so many challenges, pressure and lack of time that we end up forgetting our humanity. Unfortunately, jealousy and bitterness, in many cases, dominate the mind and overshadow the personality.

Change is a natural fact of life, it is life itself. We better accept it and see the necessity and beauty in it like the change of seasons. Without fall and winter, spring and summer would have never had space to blossom, grow and renew.

Stagnation is the enemy of evolution, so why complain? If we look back to the years and centuries, change has never stopped and evolution brought us to where we are today. Change is not the problem. The problem is the way we accept and use it.

Life’s obstacles and challenges are only an excuse to cover the unwillingness to provide the effort to care, feel, understand, be compassionate and appreciative for everything good and positive.

It is heartbreaking to see people that have reached the 7th and 8th decade of their lives, behaving in a poor way, thinking that they can control and dominate other people’s lives, with toxic comments and poor actions, simply because they have been unable to open their hearts to love, compassion and appreciation.

The easy way out of our own problems and frustration is to shut down, become aggressive, sarcastic, indifferent and often disrespectful towards others. How about using life’s changes and challenges to learn, evolve, better understand everything that seems new and unfamiliar and build up strength and character?

How about leaning over the human pain and misfortune with true love and compassion? How about taking the time to stop and think before acting aggressively or indifferently? How about listening to our heart’s voice and not only our brain’s? How about becoming better human beings?

Christmas is around the corner and this is the time to reflect back and be accountable not only for our actions and behavior, but also for what we carry deep within.

This is the time to open up our heart, embrace kindness and spread its precious perfume around genuinely and generously.




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